Would you also like us to get your company in the media?
All companies have a story to tell. A story interesting enough to get through the narrow gates of the media and out to a wide reaching audience which in return could develop into clients with a view to new long lasting business partnerships.
When working with media coverage we have three areas in mind:

Create value
Most companies can come up with an interesting story. If you cannot find an intriguing angle yourself, we can. We always ask the following question: how can we contribute with relevant information to the media? Instead of asking: how can we get most out of the media? By creating value the chances for getting in the media are multiplied.

Think in general terms
We often get requests from clients who want a story published about their company or a specific product. This is possible if the product is new and innovative or if you want to target a specific media within your industry. If that´s not the case it is more convenient to think in general terms. For instance, the company could comment on an actual story or simply give tips, advice or evaluations on an interesting topic. We could also use numbers and new trends based on your Google Analytic account etc.

Be exclusive
Some media prefer to make the stories from scratch and therefore the right way of approaching them would be a short pitch on what the story could contain and why it is relevant to the audience.
If the journalist is interested, he/she would contact your company and arrange an interview with the relevant person to obtain further information and quotes they could use. Sometimes-sometimes not- they might use exclusive quotes.
We create attractive angles to the stories and we also contact the relevant media on your behalf, using our in depth knowledge on how to approach and with our already extensive media contact database. We prefer to contact the media personally one by one instead of sending out press releases to hundreds of journalists.
This way we managed to get wide extensive coverage by finding and using different creative angles and follow up stories.

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