Content marketing

Can you imagine that your company was….
– brilliant at creating long lasting relations with future and existing clients?
– giving value instead of forcing a sale?
– known for having a strong online identity?
– communicating in an innovative and inspiring way?
– using PR and media coverage as an important tool in its marketing strategy?

Get started with content marketing and let us make a difference.
Content marketing melts together both PR, branding and marketing and focuses on quality content to create long lasting customer relations instead of trying to make a quick sale.
We get bombarded with publicity, banners and sales pitches everywhere and especially on the internet – and many of us are getting fed up with the “things you can´t live without” aggressive strategies. By changing the focus from selling to how you can contribute with value, credibility, sharing useful information, good stories, tips and tricks it allows you to build up a strong relationship with the reader who in the end would want to make business with you.

As the marketing expert Seth Godin says ”turn strangers into friends and friends into customers”.
Most leading companies use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy because it works.

Do you also want to ride the content marketing wave and create new results? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat about the many different possibilities for your business.