Clients & references

Søren Riisager,

“We have an ongoing collaboration with Stine and we are very satisfied. Apart from being a friendly person, she has a professional approach to the tasks we give her. She works independently with the clients and always comes up with creative angles – also when dealing with more boring industries. Stine adds value to our customers which is what counts in the end.”

Brian Petersen,

We were running short on resources to running PR campaigns before Christmas 2013. We decided to use Stine as we got her recommended. It was a good choice. In 1 month we were in all major newspapers in Denmark. In Danish national television and had a great article in Tech Crunch. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

Patrick Rasmussen,

“We,, have collaborated with Mynster PR for a while now. All the stories that Stine has made for us have been published in the big newspapers and media. It has been a success every time and we will gladly continue to work with her. The quality is very high and certainly recommends Stine no matter if you have a small or big company.”

Tim Petersson,

“Mynster PR work very professionally with a given challenge. Without compromising on the quality they fast create a satisfying outcome. Also in the long run we have experienced that they continue working persistently to create further results.”

Jones Rasoulinia,

“After we got Mynster PR recommended by a partner we finally found someone who can reach the right audiences in the right media. We give Mynster PR our best recommendations.”

Dennis Lauritzen,

“Mynster PR have assisted with PR. They have taken care of the job in a professional way and have continued until achieving the expected results. We did not have to follow up and all deadlines were met. The end result was of high quality and relevans which makes Mynster PR very recommendable”

Janus Rægaard Nielsen, and co-founder of

”Since we made an agreement with Mynster PR we have seen way better PR results than ever before. Our companies are often exposed in both Danish and European media. Mynster PR are very creative and self going. They work independently with the process: idea, writing and follow up”.

Claus Kielskov,

“Stine Mynster has a talent. She knows how to angle and put together stories in an intriguing and engaging way – a skill many companies are looking for today.”